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Bass[sic] Chats With Peo De Pitte

Hi everyone. As part of the build up to our big party at the Bells Of Shoreditch on Easter weekend (less than three weeks to go! Full details HERE!), we sat down with our two special guest DJs, Peo De Pitte and Meat Katie, to exclusively chat with them about the hot topics in the world at the moment – kind of like a mash up of Newsnight and MTV Base, with Jeremy Paxman bogling to jump up drum n bass, just to set the scene for you.

Anyway, we first spoke to electro-funkster Peo De Pitte with some hard-hitting questions. Peo has been smashing dancefloors all over the world with his unique brand of bouncy bass music and mental mash ups. And when he’s not tearing up nightclubs, he’s usually found sat astride his studio mixing desk, cooking up beats and samples for his bass-heavy productions and remixes for the stars. Here’s what he had to say about jelly wrestling with Meat Katie and much, much more…

Bass[sic]: To kick off… You and Meat Katie make up one of the biggest lineups we’ve had at Bass[sic], but did you know that you’re probably the baldest lineup too? Of the two of you, who do you think has the LEAST body hair overall?
Peo: If I just remember to pluck my ear hair it might be a close competition.

Bass[sic]: For those people who are unfamiliar with you, how would you sum up the Peo de Pitte sound in only 3 words?
Peo: Three day bender!

Bass[sic]: Moving onto the dancefloor, which tune are you most looking forward to dropping at Bass[sic] on the 29th of March?
Peo: I have a few new ones that I’m looking forward to playing from my next EP… will keep the titles under wraps for now!

Bass[sic]: Of all of the massive tunes that have been released over the years, what is the one tune that you wish you’d written or signed to your label?
Peo: My own label was just a stepping stone in the beginning to get my own voice heard when no other labels wanted to answer my emails so I don’t really have any regrets.

Bass[sic]: Now onto the serious questions that everyone’s been dying to know the answers to… How do you prefer your eggs to be cooked?
Peo: Sunny side up!

Bass[sic]: What’s the last album you bought on CD?
Peo: Hmm, yeah it must have been the last Prodigy album. I still have an obsession with buying their physical products!

Bass[sic]: Who would win in a jelly wrestling contest:- you or Meat Katie?
Peo: I’m a skinny lanky person, I think he could just sit on me and he would win. But I might just have my garlic/chilli cocktail before and kill him with my breath!

Bass[sic]: Which do you prefer:- cats or dogs?
Peo: Cats, I used to have one. Hated dogs in my early days but I do like them now… But yeah cats still win.

Bass[sic]: Star Wars or Star Trek?
Peo: Star Wars… maybe a cuddle with Princess Leia.

Bass[sic]: Who really shot first:- Greedo? Or Han Solo?
Peo: Oh, someone’s a fan here… I’d just say Han I guess…

Bass[sic]: Would you rather be trapped in a room with 1 horse-sized chicken? Or 10 chicken-sized breakbeat purists?
Peo: I’d probably be afraid of what that horse-sized chicken would do to me when it gets hungry. The chicken sized purists I could always step on when they raise their voices, or play them re-rubs so they keep quiet.

Bass[sic]: Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?
Peo: Yesterday I actually had a listen to an old Swedish artist I grew up to, Eric Gadd – Bara Himlen Ser På…. Google that if you dare. [Ed: we did and it was… sexual]

Bass[sic]: What was the last movie you went to see at the cinema?
Peo: Django Unchained… good stuff!

Bass[sic]: Do you have any hidden talents?
Peo: I used to train in Judo

Bass[sic]: And finally, what are you up to for the rest of this year? Releases, gigs, tours, etc?
Peo: Next up is my release with NAPT on Strictly Rhythm sometime this month. Going to America for gigs in May and later on Australia again. 2013 should be a good one!

Cheers Peo, that was very insightful, we’re sure you’ll agree! Check out Peo’s latest promo mix, chock full of bangers and smashers, right here…

You can catch Peo spinning tunes and striking some judo poses behind the decks along with Meat Katie at Bass[sic] at the Bells of Shoreditch, East London on Good Friday, 29th March! Full event details can be found HERE!

Watch this space for our interview with our headliner Meat Katie, coming very soon! Also keep your eyes and ears peeled for a super exclusive Bass[sic] podcast, due to hit your lovely ears in the next few weeks.


The Bass[sic] team


Hubie Sounds Bass[sic] Special

Hi everyone!

Later this week the bass-tastic Bass[sic] party returns to the Cornershop in Shoreditch, so this Tuesday night Hubie will be celebrating with another Bass[sic] Special! As part of this special he will be playing the second installment of Bass[sic] residents rejectbeats excellent ‘Everybody’s Dead Dave’ mix set, which is chock full of bass music win.

You can also expect to hear exclusive first ever radio plays of a new re-rub from Bass[sic] headliner Cut La Roc as well as brand spanking new material from breakbeat legend Merka, now recording under his new guise as Ford Audio.

More info about this week’s Bass[sic] event can be found here. However, keep an eye on this site for a few FREE Bass[sic] related treats due to hit later in the week!

The Hubie Sounds Bass[sic] Special – Tuesday 27th March @ 9pm UK time – live and direct on NSB Radio!

Don’t forget to come and say hello in the Chatroom!

For all the details, including how to tune in to NSB Radio, check out the Radio Show page on!

Also don’t forget that, as of last Sunday, the UK has moved its clocks forward one hour to BST. So if you’re tuning in from around the world, it is possible that Hubie Sounds will be on air an hour earlier than normal, depending on your time zone and/or position within the space time continuum.

Hubie x

Bass[sic] Is Now On Mixcloud

Hi Bass[sic]ers!

Firstly, we’d just like to thank everyone who came down to the Cornershop on the 12th of November for our launch party. It went absolutely brilliantly and exceeded our greatest expectations with a packed dancefloor full of smiley happy people all night long. We love you all, big ups! And extra big ups to our lovely guest DJs for the evening, Peo and Al 101 – you guys smashed the place to pieces! Pics and video of the night will be uploaded soon!

Sorry for not posting about the party sooner, but we’ve been very busy debriefing and organising our next party – full info coming very soon, watch this space, it’s gonna be another big one! 😉

Anyway, may we point you in the direction of our new Mixcloud account! We’ll be uploading all our super duper exclusive promo mixes here, so make sure you follow us to get them before anyone else! Check it out here:


The Bass[sic] team