Big Ups Boaters!

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to do a shout out to all the lovely peeps who joined us sailing the good ship Elite Force on Saturday night! It was a wicked party with both rooms nice and busy for the duration and all the DJs absolutely smashed the boat to pieces! Thanks to all of you for helping the party go off with such a bang, we loved every minute of it. And extra special big ups to our excellent guest Bobalino and to Shack and the Supatronix crew for getting us involved, it was a privilege and an absolute pleasure to be on board with you lovely lot.

Now, we barely have time for a breather before the next Bass[sic] party, back at The Cornershop in just under a fortnight, with special guests Ben & Lex and Mobius. All the details are HERE! And don’t forget, this next one is absolutely FREE as per usual, so we hope you can join us once again and help us smash Shoreditch to pieces!

Keep your eyes and ears out for another Bass[sic] Special on NSB Radio coming soon too, as well as an exclusive promo mix from one of our illustrious guests – more info about all that very soon!

Cheers gang!

The Bass[sic] team


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