All Aboooard!

Avast ye landlubbers!

Er, yeah, sorry about all the nautical cliches, it’s just that we’re more than a little excited about tomorrow’s boat party! As you’re no doubt aware by now, the Elite Force Boat Party is now completely sold out, so we’re really looking forward to rocking a boat full of ravers!

Here’s a quick reminder about all you need to know before you get on the boat…

  • The Dutch Master will depart from St. Katherine’s Pier (NOT Tower Millennium Pier as originally advertised) at 18:45 sharp! Please be at the pier, ready to board, BEFORE 18:30 at the latest, to allow for a swift departure. The boat won’t wait for latecomers, so make sure you’re there in plenty of time otherwise you’ll be left behind!
  • The nearest tube station is Tower Hill.
  • There are no physical tickets for the boat party – if you’ve paid for tickets your names will be checked off a list at the pier and you will be issued with a special pass prior to boarding.
  • At the conclusion of the party, the boat will dock back at St. Katherine’s Pier at around 23:00.

Oh and one last thing, the Bass[sic] crew will be meeting up for pre-boat drinks here. Feel free to come and say hello/join us for a pre-boat jager or two!

See ya tomorrow!

The Bass[sic] team


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